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Monday, June 24, 2013

Calgary Flood

This past Thursday, June 20 Calgary, Alberta was hit by the biggest flood in it's history.  Seeing rushing river water in downtown Calgary was surreal and a hush fell over the city. We are just now starting to dig out.  Photos of flood

Thankfully, Calgary is known as 'The Spirit of the West' and good deeds, volunteering, donating and digging in is nothing new.  When a call went out today for 1000 volunteers - more than 7000 showed.  Everyone is itching to help.

But hit even harder than Calgary was the small town south of us called High River.  Yes, really-High River.  The RCMP and military are still there and no one else is allowed in.  The whole town is under mandatory evacuation.  The photos show devastation.  While Calgary is cleaning up, High River is still under several feet of water - no electricity, water, gas or sewer.  It may be weeks before residents go back.  Photos of High River flood

This painting was to go into a show at Evanescence Gallery in High River in July.  The gallery owners do not yet know if there is a gallery to go back to.

acrylic and silver leaf on regular profile canvas, unframed

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