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Friday, July 26, 2013

A Special Flood Rose

by Arlene Westen Evans

Arlene Westen Evans, along with her husband Stephen, is the owner of Evanescence Art Gallery in High River.  The gallery is not scheduled to reopen.  Even after a month of cleaning, there is still much more work and many difficult decisions to be made by Arlene and Stephen. 

Arlene is also an artist.  Upon hearing of The Alberta Flood Rose Project she knew she wanted to contribute a 4”x4” piece depicting the Alberta Wild Rose.  The deadline was the next day.

But in the cleaned out, ripped apart gallery, it was obvious there were no suitable materials.  No paint, no canvas, no brushes.

But, there were cardboard boxes.  Nice cardboard!   We ripped off part of a lid flap and measured out 4”x4”.  Arlene had 3 pens – a green Sharpie, a black pen and a blue pen.  She selected the green Sharpie, sat down and slowly started drawing.  She called it doodling.  With her permission, I coloured in her green Alberta Wild Rose with pencil crayons when I got home.  This is her submission to The Alberta Flood Rose Project.

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