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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Tools of the Trade

Lately I've been asked, 'What medium do you use in the 'Tobogganeers' and 'Freewheelers'?

Well, I tried the very neat and easy black ink pens available in a wide assortment, but they gave a very uniform line.  I like a bit of variety in line width.  Makes things more interesting.  Also, I wanted a darker black than a pen delivers.  So, never one to take the easy route, I decided against using a standard pen.

After rummaging around in my fairly cluttered art room, I found my India ink and ink pen.  Nice very dark black line in varying widths.  I like it.  But, it does create a degree of, um. . . technical failure.  Like blotting or splattering.  Really annoying when it happens on one of the last strokes to a painting which means it is put in the rejects pile and I start again.

So each piece is truly an original.  Right down to the personality delivered by that pen.

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