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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Freewheelin' Poetry

OK, so this is adorable.  Thank you to my friend Esther Sinasac for taking inspiration from my artwork.  Maybe I will now take inspiration from her poetry!

THE FREEWHEELERS by Esther Sinasac
(based on the artwork of Connie Christensen)
Wheelin’ it down the street on my bike
Free as a bird, my wheels take me by
The white picket fences and perfect green lawns
Come along with me! Oh do come along.

Ride in my little red wagon
Come one, come all
Who will ride in my little red wagon?
Behind these wheels, who will I haul?

A camel with lips on whose head rests a crown
A beaver and a moose, singing True North songs
The Mounties stand guard
The wedding preparations full speed ahead
The cupcakes are made
The baker is delivering before heading to bed

To a party we are going
Bring the wine, cheese and your babe!
Bring your prettiest flamingo
And your fanciest giraffe
A bouquet of flowers
But please make me laugh

The party critters arrive with glitter to spare
The butterflies follow the princess heading to the fair
Take me riding down highways
Through deserts and past twinkling lagoons
Up mountains and fishing, be it midnight or high noon
The wheels on my bike spin round and round
I hope one day to be freewheelin’ through your fine town.

Yes Virginia, Camels Do Have Lips
8x10 matted to 11x14
ink & water colour on water colour paper
$125 Cdn (+ shipping)

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