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Friday, December 14, 2012

A Very Manly, Rugged Painting

'Chinook Arch'
Acrylic on unstretched canvas
I had a problem.  How could I send a rather large painting to my son who is going to school far away?  He has repeatedly requested a large painting to cover his very white, bare walls.  But sending a large painting thru the mail and then having to arrange for it's storage over summer and shipment back home was not reasonable.  (Yes, occasionally I can be reasonable.)
So I created a portable, very manly, rugged painting.  It's painted on gessoed unstretched canvas with brass grommets so it can be hung off nails or hidden hooks.  It's earthy and organic.  Think of painting on a ship's sail.  It will fit nicely into a suitcase after being rolled over a large cylinder.  It will crack and wrinkle and maybe fray and all of that should add nicely to the outdoor rugged feel of the painted landscape.
Definition of Chinook Arch- the cloud formation that develops during a warm, dry wind that blows at intervals down the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains.

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