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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Floral Field

So, funny story. . . 

'Floral Field' was on exhibit at Jayne Creighton's 'Surface Works' art show this weekend.  Unfortunately, it accidentally picked up some black oil paint smudges on 2 sides from another artist's piece.  Not good.  Artist Barry Lorne (look him up) conferred with me on the problem of how to remove the oil smudges and I was all set to pick up my painting this morning and rectify the situation using various means.  (I since found out Barry also did a little searching later on what to do and I do appreciate the time he took to help me.)

When I called Jayne this morning to arrange pickup she said the smudges were gone.  Thanks to the expertise of fellow artist Brittney Lintick (look her up) those smudges miraculously disappeared using a common substance we all have.  She and Jane went at my painting with resolve, Qtips and spit! Problem solved in 5 minutes.  Britney says she has had this problem before and knew exactly what to do.  I love the generosity of both artists and the host of the show who all had my back.

And just to give the story an even happier ending, the painting sold!  I've always loved this one and  I was not so patiently waiting for it to get a new home.   Done.

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