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Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Trade

A couple of years ago I was travelling in Nova Scotia and purchased a 'Harem' rug hooking kit designed by Christine Little at Encompassing Designs in Mahone Bay.  The finished size is 36x18 and it would take hours & hours, days & days, weeks & weeks, months & months to finish.   Was I up for the task???!!     no.

So I asked my talented sister if she would consider a trade.  A big 'Bubble Tree' painting in her choice of colours in trade for her rug hooking labour.  Thankfully she said yes.  Here are the results.  I absolutely love my hooked rug and am so thankful I have a sister who is WAY more patient than me.

The painting is hanging in her living room.  I have to figure out how to finish 'The Harem' and when I do it will hang on a big wall in my living room with other interesting stuff I've collected.  Hopefully I can post a photo of that soon - well soonish, well within the next year let's say.

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