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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Sketch-A-Day for 30 Days

'Owl' - ink, watercolour & graphite on paper

'The Handsome Couple' from original photo by Gavin Young

 'Dragonfly' - ink & watercolour on paper

'Ladybug' - ink & watercolour on paper

'Boot Socks' - ink & watercolour on paper

5x7 ink and watercolour paintings
matted to 8x10
$65/ea (+ shipping)

I'm dipping a toe into the 'do something everyday' camp.  I've chosen to do a Sketch-A-Day for 30 days.  Here are the 1st 5 days.  Future post will show the next 5 days.

I'm going to have to get way more efficient at choosing a subject if I want to get through 30 days. You'd think with almost limitless possibilities, choosing a subject would be easy.  But no.  I have made a hard to break lifetime habit of NOT making things easy.

To see the chosen subjects daily, you can follow me on Twitter (ConnieDooWadda) and Instagram (doo wadda wadda art).  To see them every 5 days, just check back here.

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