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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Before and After



Just before Christmas I posted a photo of a trade my sister and I did - a hooked rug for a Bubble Tree painting.  I still needed to complete the edging on the rug and I actually completed that in a somewhat timely manner.  Amazing.

There is a very large wall in our living room that has needed 'something' on it for years and years.  It was just too big for one painting - even if that painting was very large.  After convincing my husband that it really shouldn't be such a crime to actually put some nail holes in the wall, we created  a 'Handmade wall'.  It showcases some of the handmade things I've collected. I've left room to keep the wall a work in progress so I can always be on the lookout for that little something to perfectly fit into that blank space in the middle.  And some small stuff for all the other spaces.  It will be chockablock full.  A feast for the eyes.  Fun.

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