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Monday, January 12, 2015

The Next 5 Paintings-A-Day

'Yellow Poppies' - ink & watercolour on paper

'Tattered Book, Tired Eyes' - ink, graphite & watercolour on paper

'Chickadee-dee-dee' - ink & watercolour on paper

'Spoodles' - ink, graphite & watercolour on paper

'Winter Soldiers' - ink & watercolour on paper

Here are the next 5 paintings for my commitment to sketch-a-day for 30 days.  They're more like paintings than sketches and each is taking way more time than I anticipated when I made the commitment.  But I just can't send something out into internet land that is too unfinished (in my mind).  Unexpectedly and unfortunately, they seem to be highlighting a little too much of my control issues - eek!

On to the next 5 days!

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